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  • Jels Malenga
    by Jels Malenga 2 years ago
    Some of these literally had me saying "ooh" outloud! I'm loving the sparkly ones with the feathers. Not sure why but I'm starting to get into feathers. This was a cute post!
  • Valerie Swift
    by Valerie Swift 1 year ago
    Love, love, love this. Can see in champagne tablecloths with purple accents. ooooh.
  • Carlise (Carla) Shepperd
    Valerie, yes, those colors are lovely. I did champagne linens with green accents for my vow renewal on the 15th. Do you need any table linens. I have 9 round 132" Champagne linens for sale for $12 each. :)
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