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Blue Lagoon Wedding Drink (update)

Published by: Carlise (Carla) Shepperd on 19th Dec 2010 | View all blogs by Carlise (Carla) Shepperd
Months ago while planning our Caribbean Theme Wedding Richard and I decided that we wanted to have a signature drink at the wedding since we would have someone serving the drinks that night! The drink had to be fruity so when I came across this drink, Blue Lagoon, I knew this was what we were looking for. I've mentioned it to you before but since then we've had a chance to try it...first here is the recipe:

1 oz Vodka
1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1 0z Lemonade

The first version of this recipe that I found called for pineapple juice in place of the lemonade. So in our experiment we used pineapple & mango; orange juice; Guava juice, Tamarind Juice and fruit juice to create our own signature drink! I didn't do much of the tasting since I don't usually drink alcohol but I must admit the pineapple and mango blend tasted really good!

The Vodka was $20 and the Blue Curacao was $10 but they could easily make at least 100 drinks, okay, 50 drinks. I've found another recipe that sounds very interesting that but we might try since we have plenty of Vodka and Blue Curacao left.

Drink Mix Ingredients:   1 oz.  vodka
   1 oz.  Pineapple juice
   1 oz.  Peach schnapps
   1/2 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur
   1 splash.  Sprite soda
   1 splash fresh Lemon juice

Do you plan on having a signature drinkat your reception?



  • Amanda Marcus
    by Amanda Marcus 5 years ago
    I just started thinking about this! Since my childhood nickname is "apple Mandy" I was thinking of having appletinis for me and then "The bond" Dirty Martinis for him, since he was named for the icon. :D I love the sound of your drink!
  • Carlise (Carla) Shepperd
    by Carlise (Carla) Shepperd 5 years ago
    Awww that is a great idea Amanda and why were you called Apple Mandy, I know there is an interesting story behind that!
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