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DIY - Yellow Rose Centerpiece seen on WeTv's Platinum Weddings!

Published by: Carlise (Carla) Shepperd on 16th Apr 2010 | View all blogs by Carlise (Carla) Shepperd

It's been a while since I've posted an actual Platinum Wedding centerpiece that you can recreate as a Bronze Budge Bride for under $20.00. and this one is perfect since yesterday we learned how to make a flower ball using an oasis. This centerpiece is from the $500,000 wedding of Anisha's and Kennard and it is simply a yellow rose ball sitting on a black glass vase.

What you'll need to replicate this piece.

You can buy 100 yellow roses online here for $89.99. That's a great price for fresh flowers but if you want to take a cheaper route and keep this centerpiece under $20 you can buy 84 silk roses for $14.99 or 84 velvet roses for $16.99 on!

velvet roses.jpg

For the fresh roses, you will need a floral foam ball that you can get in a set of two for $9.36 at! You can choose whatever size you'd like but I recommend using at least an 6 inch ball for a fuller rose ball.

greem foam.jpg

For the artificial roses a styrofoam ball is used instead which you can also find fairly cheaply here at, the 6 inch ball is $5.89.
styrofoam ball.jpg
Now follow the instruction here for making a flower ball using an oasis.

On to the black vase!

You have even more options when it comes to choosing a vase to use for this floral arrangement. However, to keep the look as close to the original and to keep it affordable, black Eiffel Tower Vases are perfect. They start at just $2.99, the 12" vase is $3.99 and the 16" vase is only $4.99.

black galss vases.jpg

Don't forget to get a floral foam holder for each centerpiece. It goes inside the vase and serves the purpose of keeping the flower ball in place. It's not expensive either only $1.99 and it is the last piece of you'll need to complete this platinum look for less.
floral foam holder.jpg

If you want a more extravagant, black vase then take a look at the reversible, glass vases below. They stand at 15, 19 and 23 inches tall and the tallest will cost you $29.95 but they are so beautiful, I think they're worth it.

black galss vases.jpg


1 Comment

  • jade sharapova
    by jade sharapova 4 years ago
    This looks like a very lovey centerpiece but does anyone know how this is going to be placed securely in the floral foam holder, would you have to use a glue gun and stick it on
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